appSensus Care Technologies Inc is developing a new tool to help in the treatment process of mood disorders covering depression, bipolar disorder, mania etc. Its solution is an APP called Sensus Care and they are kindly asking you to help them to create the best possible product, as they aim to develop a platform for psychiatrists to remotely monitor their patients through an app on patients’ smartphones, which will be used to assess their patient’s mental state in real time. In order to receive proper feedback they have created a survey to answer and intentionally share with others who might bring them some relevant feedback.  Click here to answer the survey.

cartoonIf you are a doctor (psychiatrists, therapists, etc.) providing any treatment for patients struggling from depression or bipolar disorder, your participation is important for this study. Sensus Care would like to get feedback from psychiatrists and patients on what they think of the idea, and they are also offering a limited-time offer to be part of the early trials of the application. This would include free access to the platform for you and your patients to try. Click here to answer the survey.